Audio Drama Showcase: Unwell

Episode 16 · November 1st, 2019 · 54 mins 39 secs

About this Episode

Reviewers: Scooter Mann, Diana Raynes, Matt "Olaf" Hinton, Maggie Allen, and Max Baskin
Editing: David Allen

Show-runner Information

  • Who's the show-runner(s) and what is their title? Eleanor Hyde & Jeffrey Nils Gardner, Executive Producers

Show Information

  • What is the story of why you started your show? This is the new project from HartLife NFP following the end of Our Fair City.
  • When did this show first air? 02/20/2019
  • What's the show's website?
  • What genre(s) apply to your show (e.g. horror, post apocalypse, comedy...):
    gothic, spooky, horror, queer, magical realism
  • What's the show's Twitter Handle(or what we should tag when we release)? @unwellpodcast
  • What's the show's Facebook (page) name (or what we should tag)? @unwellpodcast

Episode Information

  • What's the name of the episode you want us to use? (if it includes non English words, how are they pronounced) The Diner
  • What is the episode number (and season if applicable)? S.1 Ep.2
  • When was it published? 02/21/2019
  • What's a link directly to the episode? (preferably where we can download it from)
  • Please summarize what we need to know about the story up until this point, for the episode to make sense. Lily's mother Dot broke her ankle in a fall. Lily comes to the tiny town in rural Ohio where Dot lives to take care of her for a few weeks. Dot owns a boarding house. Lily and Dot have not seen each other in years. Dot is on crutches throughout. Also appearing in this episode is the teenager who helps out around the place Wes and one of the other boarders Abbie.
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