Audio Drama Showcase: Terms

Episode 23 · October 16th, 2020 · 35 mins 1 sec

About this Episode

Reviewers: Scooter Mann, LJ Donnell, Eric Honour, Maggie Allen, and Max Baskin
Editing: David Allen

Show-runner Information

  • Who's the show-runner(s) and what is their title? Lindsay Graham

Show Information

  • What is the story of why you started your show? It's purely coincidental any similarities the show has with the 2016 election. Graham was kicking around the idea for at least 5 years or so before it aired. Graham began to think of this story as far back as even the early 90s. He asked himself the question "What would it take for one or two or three people to make a decision so that it's not a peaceful transition?"
  • When did this show first air? 11/27/2016
  • What genre(s) apply to your show (e.g. horror, post apocalypse, comedy...): Political thriller

Episode Information

  • What's the name of the episode you want us to use? (if it includes non English words, how are they pronounced)
  • What is the episode number (and season if applicable)? season 1 episode 1
  • When was it published? 11/20/2016
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