Audio Drama Showcase: Alba Salix - Royal Physician

Episode 10 · June 14th, 2019 · 47 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

Episode Reviewed: “Market to Market” , Season 1, Episode 5

Alba Salix is a witch who runs a small hospital called the House of Healing (when she's not tending to the kingdom's royal family). She's assisted by her troublesome apprentice, Magnus, and her absent-minded herbalist, a fairy named Holly.

Show-runner: Eli McIlveen
Released in: 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Medical

Reviewers: Maggie Allen, Max Baskin, Scooter Mann, Thomas Sixten

  • Tell us about how your show started?
  • I'd been writing a series about aliens living in Niagara Falls, but it was clear that I was in over my head on both the writing and production side. So I brainstormed ideas for a show that would be more episodic, and easier to produce, and came up with "fairy-tale hospital show".. It turned out to be exactly as complicated as the abandoned Niagara project.
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