Audio Drama Showcase: Attention Hellmart Shoppers

Episode 11 · June 21st, 2019 · 49 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Episode Reviewed: "The Phantom Shoplifter - Part I", Season 1, Episode: 3.

Thoreau is an avid audio drama listener and a retail veteran. He’s a huge fan of supernatural stories which lead him to create a tale about a brick and mortar store called Hellomart, that is patronized by the most vile of creatures.

Showrunner: Thoreau Smiley - Producer
Released in:2017
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy

Reviewers: Lisa Watson, LJ Donnell, Matt “Olaf” Hinton, Max Baskin
Post Production: David Allen, Scooter Mann

  • Tell me about how your show started?
  • I was an avid listener of audiodrama, and a retail veteran, which I thought was fertile ground for a comedy. The supernatural element was added because I am a huge fan of the genre and I realized that in a store like HelloMart the most evil creatures are the customers.
  • Episode Info:
  • Daniel Richmond was a wall street criminal who did his time and is now being forced to complete a prison work release program in the small town of Strickland, at the local big box store, HelloMart. He quickly discovers that the store was built on the buried gates of hell itself and is subject to attack by numerous supernatural creatures, some of whom are also employees, including a tribe of elves who work in the automotive department and traded all the shelves to a leprechaun for shoes. His first day did not go smoothly, with Daniel alienating various employees, including the assistant manager, Chet, and Emily, a fellow employee who rebuffs his clumsy attempts to ask her out on a date. He ended his first day, after accidentally opening a vortex to hell, by going out after work to the bar next door with his new Co-workers. This episode picks up the next day.
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